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CreatineIf you want to grow muscle fast, you’ve probably tried lots of bodybuilding supplements. Despite outrageous claims, few perform as well as the reliable standby. Creatine supplements top the list of the best bodybuilding supplements on the market – but they aren’t good enough.They give reliable results, but creatine supplements alone won’t take you from flab to fab in a week. They won’t turn a slow gainer into the hulk. In fact, no supplement will. Growing your muscles and losing the fat just isn’t that it easy. No pain, no gain. It takes hard work, a variety of supplements, a good body building diet, the right program and tenacity. Okay, so bodybuilding isn’t supposed to be rocket science. We want to spend our time tuning and showing off muscles – not figuring out the secret combination of foods, moves, supplements, and shakes to create that rock-hard bod.

That’s why you are better off with a comprehensive system with everything you need, like Muscle Maximizer which has this stuff down to a science.What many people do not understand about creatine is that it’s an all natural supplement – your body even produces it naturally. It triggers and stimulates muscle growth, and increased strength. However, it does not feed your muscles. No amount of supplements for muscle growth will replace the nutrients your body needs to get from food. You might follow the typically recommended low-fat, high-protein body building diet, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting everything you need for optimal performance.

Your body is unique, and your requirements are unique. Have you ever compared notes about the best bodybuilding supplements, warm-up exercises, or protein shakes with the other guys (or gals) at the gym? Notice how no one can agree on what works the best? There are two reasons for this.First is different body types, and second is different diet. Your main supply of essentials such as protein and carbs should come from your diet. Leave the supplementation for the real power boosters. However, if you’re not getting what you should from food, you will respond well to products such as high-carb protein shakes, because you are deficient. Some of the products we see advertised as great supplements really just compensate for a poor diet.If you aren’t sure you’re eating right, that’s the first thing you need to work on.There are three ways to devise a great body building diet.

You can see a professional nutritionist (at a good price); do the research, monitor your own habits and design your own plan; or use a comprehensive software program or web app to do the thinking for you. Personally, I prefer the third option for several reasons. First off, it’s easy. If you’ve never made a serious effort to get your nutrition right, you will be surprised at how complicated it is.That’s the main reason I am so impressed with the Muscle Maximizer program. It includes one of these easy diet planning applications, and it’s one you can trust. The system was developed by a nutritionist, and it’s designed to take all of the important variables into consideration. In fact, I think it’s just as good a hiring a nutritionist, at a fraction of the price.

Creatine SupplementsWhatever method you pick, you’ve got to get the right bodybuilding nutrition. Once you’ve got that under control you can start fine tuning your strength training program with muscle growing supplements. For this stage of the plan, bodybuilding supplements or supplemental creatine is crucial.That can’t be said enough, but even the best creatine supplements can’t give you the boost you need all by themselves. If you’re looking for peak performance (aren’t we all), you’ll need to include the best bodybuilding supplements to boost energy and endurance, as well as improve the synthesis of protein and creatine. As for your workout program, that has to be personalized.Anyone willing to try hard enough can have six pack abs, bulging biceps, and a chiseled body.

However we all have our natural weaknesses and strengths. Choose the right exercises to target the right muscles. Find the right balance of targeted training and whole-body workouts.Push your body hard enough to stimulate rapid muscle growth, but not enough to strain and increase the needed rest period. Really, designing your muscle development training program can be as difficult as designing the perfect nutritional plan for muscle growth.

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